What makes you worry?

Not only adults have fears… also our children have worries! But sometimes our kids have concerns about the most peculiar things, as you can see in the following story of Anthony de Mello.

And if they escape?

A teacher of preschoolers, observed that a girl in her class seemed very sad and thoughtful.

– What makes you worry? – she asked

The girl responded:

– My parents!
– My father works the whole day to buy me clothes, to feed me and to bring me every day to the best school in town. And he makes extra hours to send me to the university in some years. My mother works half days and the rest of the time she is very busy cooking, cleaning the house and to go shopping. She does all these things so that i do not have to worry about anything.

– So, what is the problem? – the teacher said

– I am afraid that they will try to escape – the girl answered

Story of Anthony de Mello / Photograph Flickr “Girl”: Oscar Ordenes

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