The energy of compassion – Thich Nhat Hahn

The energy of compassion – Thich Nhat Hahn

We often use distractions in order not to face our pain, our fears; the practice of mindfulness and concentration can generate an energy that recognizes the inner pain and provides comfort in the same way as a mother would comfort her crying baby.

“Hello my little pain. I know you are there and I will take good care of you”.

The mother does not know which is the reason for her baby to cry but the simple fact of feeling the mother’s tenderness is providing relief to the crying baby, see into the origin of the painful emotion and transform it.

Breathing deeply, being conscious of how your abdomen moves up and down with the flow of your breathing, is a simple daily practice that once it becomes a habit provides relief every time we need it.

Thich Nhan Hahn explains in this video how the miracle of transformation and healing always happens when we practice mindfulness, compassionate listening and gentle speech. Through the practice we restore communication, we reconcile with ourselves and others and we discover the nature of true Love.

“We know that the future is only made of one single element, that is the present moment and if we take care of the present moment the best way we can, it means that we have done everything we can do for the future. And that is our practice, to be there in the here and the now and do our best with that and do not let the worries, the projects, carry us away” – Thich Nhan Hahn

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