The Slow Fix – Carl Honoré

Doing things slowly makes that you enjoy them more. Rather than focus on quick results, you can center on the details… and take the time necessary to do things the best way possible.

Carl Honoré has written a new book “The Slow Fix” that´s about Solve Problems, Work Smarter, and Live Better in a World Addicted to Speed. How to find the best way to tackle complex problems in every walk of life, from health and relationships to business and politics. Carl has traveled the world to meet with organizations and companies and to interview the characters in stories of success in the use of the Slow Fix.

The Slow Fix, Carl Honoré

Case studies that show the success of slowness

The book uses lots of fascinating case studies and first-hand reporting from around the world to show how to tackle hard problems intelligently and thoroughly: a school in a gang-infested corner in Los Angeles; coffee growers in Costa Rica; Formula One pit crews; prisoners in a state-of-the-art Norwegian jail; a mayor who revolutionized public transport in Bogotá; fighter pilots in Britain’s Royal Air Force; and more.

Tend to be the tiny details that make all the difference. If you are focused completely on your activity you can avoid mistakes that can cause major disasters. Other items to keep in mind are: build holistic solutions, taking the time to find out that things do not work… and make them work, think in the long-term, working in collaboration …

The Slow Movement is gaining strength

Although out there you still hear people say “The faster, the better”, Carl Honoré says in his book that the Slow Movement is gaining strength. The Slow Fix is about doing things at the right speed. If we slow down, if we learn to do everything as well (rather than as fast) as possible, we can not only solve problems, work smarter and live better. We can also create a better world.

Book Description Editor

In The Slow Fix, bestselling author Carl Honoré delivers an exhilarating model for effective problem-solving, and provides brilliant insights on how you can solve problems, work smarter, and live better. Honoré decodes how we approach problems and paves the way to better decision-making and generating long-term solutions to life’s inevitable challenges. Engaging and thought-provoking, The Slow Fix revolutionizes the way we live, work, consume, and think, ultimately increasing our wins and enhancing personal success.

With The Slow Fix, Honoré details a new paradigm for efficient, sustainable problem solving, teaching us how to use time to build expertise, take advantage of teamwork, find the right messenger to deliver our message, and much more.

About the author

Carl Honoré is an award-winning journalist, author and TED speaker. He is also a globetrotting ambassador for the Slow Movement. The Wall Street Journal called him “an in-demand spokesman on slowness.”

The Slow Fix
Solve Problems, Work Smarter, and Live Better in a World Addicted to Speed
By Carl Honoré
More info about The Slow Fix, website Carl Honoré

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