I chose life

Life comes with good and bad moments which we cannot choose. What we can choose is how to live these moments… ¿in peace or anxiety? ¿In fear or trust? ¿Alone or in community?


I chose life

I did not want to sleep without dreams:
And I chose the hope that keeps me awake,
The horizon that is waiting for me,
The project that fills me up,
And not the empty life of who does not search,
And has no wish beyond surviving day after day.

I did not want to live in anguish:
And I chose peace and hope,
The flood of tears that alleviates and liberates
And not the tears that inspire pity instead of solutions,
The complaint which denounces, that is shouted,
And not the one that is whispered and changes nothing.

I did not want to stay tired:
And I chose to rest with my friend and his embrace,
The way shared without prose,
Never stopping, never sleeping.
I chose to advance slowly, taking longer,
And reaching farther away,
After enjoying the landscape.

I did not want to escape:
And I chose to look face to face,
And raise my head,
And meet the fears and ghosts,
They would not vanish by turning my back on them.

I could not forget my failures:
But I chose to forgive myself, to love myself,
To carry my miseries with dignity
And discover my gifts;
And not to live in a complaint
For whatever I could not change,
Which saddens me, which hurts me,
Because of the harm I made to others or was made to me.
I chose to accept the past.

I did not want to live alone:
And I chose the joy of discovering another being,
Of giving, of sharing,
Not the dirty resentment that keeps you in chains.
I chose love.

And thousands of things that I did not expect,
Came suddenly to me
And transformed my life.
Good and bad things that I did not look for,
Roads in which I lost myself,
People who arrived and disappeared,
A life I did not expect.
And I chose, at least, how to live it.

I chose to decorate it with dreams,
To sustain it with hope ,
To face it with courage.
I did not want too live dying:

So I chose life.
Thus I will smile when death arrives,
Even if I have not chosen it…
…because I will die alive.

Rudyard Kipling

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